Gold Island Bali Holidays

A get-away to an Island Paradise of fun and relaxation

The most experienced agency in designing you the perfect holiday for families or a lovely couple. 

Where Culture meets luxury

delightful experiences await as you travel with us to the beautiful islands of Bali

Breathtaking Beachfront View

Enjoy the majestic Bali waves gently greeting the sun-crisped shores under a dramatic gradient sky 

Authentic Experiences

Our package is designed to give you an authentic Bali experience in the purest form of traditions.

Unforgettable in every way

Gold Island Bali delivers a holiday experience of travel and adventure with thrills and relaxing chills. 

Mystical Places

Here are some of the places you’ll visit when you travel with Gold Island Bali Holidays 

pantai, kuta, bali

Rangap Beach

An expansive beach famous for its pristine waters and golden sands.

temple, bali, vacations

Andara Temples

An ancient site rich with history open for an intensive in-depth tour of the temple.

relaxation, candle, room

Mahogany Spa Resort

Recognised by Saint Jean Pacquettes, visit this internationally-renowned Spa.

About me

Hi, I'm Fabio Fontai

As a travelling chef and street performer, Fabio regularly strolled the island of Bali in search of a place to stay. However, he realised that most of the hotels he stayed in felt the same as any hotel in other parts of the world. Luxury was boring. He soon found out that true luxury is when guests can experience the authentic Bali traditions and culture for themselves and embrace true island life.  

Hear from satisfied customers

This has truly been an enriching experience, so much so that I've met my fiancé here .
Rebecca Moirez
Single Mom
I've been to Bali many times before, but never like this.
Bruce Hernings
I love that Gold Island Bali Holidays made a special family package, so our experiences were completely unique to us
Samarina Valentine