Our Packages

Travellers' Package

This package is streamlined and simplified for a traveler. With thrilling adventurous climbs to an exciting island adventure, you’ll be surfing and riding waves day and night. Enjoy a dazzling night party at the beachside with locals and other travelers as you exchange stories and laughs under the brilliant Bali night sky with tiki-torches and performances. 

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Lovers Package

Designed for two, this package offers couples’ a romantic, life-changing experience rich with Bali culture, sights, and cuisine you don’t want to miss. These selection of destinations will have you both falling in love all over again as you dance under the calming deep blue sky of the island. 

Family Package

Looking for a holiday where every member of the family can enjoy themselves? Then check out our family package, focused on delivering a variety of unique experiences from a range of activities such as jetskiing, paragliding, and surfing to traditional crafting and relaxing spa treatment and massages. There’s fun for all in this Bali package. 

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Here’s some commonly asked questions

Our package lasts the entire year it was first purchased, so you can plan your holiday with ease. 

our package caters to allergies, however we do not cover any injuries or damage to goods. We will instead, refer you to the appropriate medical centres in Bali

the holiday lasts 2 weeks, but customers are welcome to stay longer at additional costs

Any expenses spent will not be returned if customers decide to end the holiday before its full duration